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Leader Calls On Democrats To Leave Their Party—Thousands Walk Away For Good

One man just successfully wrecked Democrat chances for 2018, and all it took was one viral hashtag.

Things are getting interesting in our country, aren’t they?

After Donald Trump’s titanic win and stellar first two years, many critics are waking up. No, not professional critics in the fake news.

But Americans who had been told Trump was the boogeyman are realizing that their lives with him in the White House are pretty good.

The opposition? Not so much. The Democratic Party is falling apart at the seams. It’s been that way for a long time.

Liberals have become almost militant in their discrimination against white Americans, men, and heterosexuals. They have tried to turn minorities, women, and gays against a large portion of the country.

It’s no surprise that many good-natured people on the left are fed up. Now, they are following a new voice and walking away.

From The Right Scoop:

Brandon Straka went on Tucker Carlson’s show to explain why the campaign he founded, “Walk Away” is going viral.

Watch below:

Basically “Walk Away” is a campaign encouraging progressives and leftists to leave the Democrat party because it has gotten too far left and basically insane. Straka says he objects to the anti-white extremism of the party, and wants more people to join him.
This is some serious stuff. A short time ago, only a handful of outspoken gay people were rejecting the liberal party. Now there is a movement. People who had been told their only hope was to follow the Democrats are realizing the Democrats have betrayed them.

After years of empty promises, what have the Democrats done to really help the underrepresented? Nothing. They only care about exploiting them for votes. The Democrats have become a party of intolerance, oppression, and hate. Free speech is dead. Freedom of thought is dead. If you are even a little bit right of center, they brand you a Nazi. Enough is enough.

Brandon Straka is not the first to walk away, but he is inspiring many to take a hard look at the left. Everything they once embraced—equality, freedom, acceptance—are no longer values among liberals. Now, more than ever, people are rejecting them.

It was all the left’s doing. They are driving more and more Americans away. How long before there is no party left? We’ll have to wait and see.

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